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Energizing Touch Up Clean: Recurring maintenance clean focusing on sprucing and maintaining a professional space using infusion oil blend.


Includes: Light organization, vacuum floors, trash removal, outside windows, full bathroom clean, light dusting, sanitizing phones and door knobs


Restorative Deep Clean: Top-to-bottom detail clean focusing on sanitization and dust build removal. Includes: All services above plus baseboards, corners, dusting windows/blinds and light fixtures, sanitize computer mouse/keyboards, air purification machine

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Employee vs company



Currently have an employee assigned to cleaning duties in your business? See some reasons for switching to a company:

It's Not In Their Job Description


Get a thorough, professional office clean without overloading employees or causing resentment (window and bathroom cleaning aren't usually an employee task)

It Ultimately Costs You More


An hourly employee has more incentive to spend more time completely cleaning tasks. (i.e, a $10/hour employee takes an extra 45 min–hour 6 days per week on cleaning can costs as much or more than some of our cleaning plans)

It's Not Productive


When cleaning, it takes time away from more important tasks (like customer service, sales, marketing) that can make or break your business. Why not utilize your employee dollars toward a more productive task and delegate cleaning to a company?

It Puts Your Employees At Risk


Tidiness is only part of cleaning. Keeping your office hygienic is  also a crucial part of maintaining employee health. The average business loses hundreds of thousands to millions per year in loss of productivity due to employee sick leave, especially during the flu or cold seasons. Clean Slate sanitizes high traffic items such as phones and doorknobs that harbor bacteria. We also offer deep cleans to remove dust build up that can cause allergens and respiratory  issues. 


individual cleaner vs company

It's Less Secure


Individual or "underground" cleaners are not registered with credible business associations (like the local Chamber of Commerce or BBB) nor have a web presence with references or reviews. Therefore, it can be difficult to know if these cleaners are trustworthy. All cleaning specialists at Clean Slate are pre-screened and are prohibited by policy to share information about you or your property. Unlike underground cleaners, our company remains accountable to clients, who can leave feedback or reach out to management should any issue arise.

You Are Often Liable 


Underground cleaners can be more susceptible to theft due to the low volume of jobs, lack of insurance, and lack of accountability. Clean Slate's staff maintain consistent work and are bonded and insured so your home or business is always protected.

It's Less Reliable


Underground or individual cleaners often have day jobs or life events that can prevent them from providing a consistent service. This leaves your business without a professional, polished clean that can lead to customer complaints or negative perception from family or friends. While we provide you with the same cleaning specialists for consistency, we maintain a full staff so you are never without service.

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