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Booking Hours:

Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm


Office Hours:

M- 9:30am-4pm

T- 9:30am-4pm

W: 4:00pm-8pm

T: 9:30am-4pm

F: 7:30am-8pm

S: appointment only

S: appointment only


P: (269)547-5623



* Feel free to leave a detailed voicemail after office hours and we will get back to you the following day.



  • How can I trust Clean Slate?
    Our company is bonded and insured so your property is always protected. Each of ours employees is pre-screened, highly-vetted, and reguarly supervised. We are also registered members of the South Haven Area Chamber of Commerce. Feel free to call our management office at any time with questions or concerns.
  • How much will you charge to clean or organize my space?
    Pricing is based on the type of cleaning session (residential/commercial or deep/recurring) as well as the square footage of your space. Please see our pricing page for commercial properties here and residential properties here.
  • Do you require a contract?
    Yes. For both commercial and residential recurring cleaning sessions, we require a 6 month-one year commitment. However, offer clients a 2 week-one month initial trial period in which they can try our services without commitment. Once the trial period ends, the agreement rolls over into a 6 month term. For deep or one-time clean (move in/move out, waste removal, event clean up etc) payment is due at the time of service.
  • How do I pay?/What payment methods do you accept?
    Payment is set up at the time of booking during your initial consultation. We do require your credit card to be on file at the time of booking and the balance will be automatically debited once the cleaning session is complete. If you make arrangements at the time of booking, we can accept a check payment of the total monthly amount for your cleans. (Please keep in mind the credit card on file will be charged in check payment is not recieved at the time of scheduled clean.) You may leave it in a secured envelope labeled "clean slate" in a visible area at the entrace of your space.
  • What is included in my cleaning session?
    Small Commercial: We offer either a Restorative Deep Clean (detail) or Energizing Touch Up (maintenance) which you can customize in any combination throughout your cleaning plan. See what specific services are included in each session type here. Residential: We include a variety of services in a cleaning session based on the type of clean you request (i.e,, spot clean, basic clean, or deep clean) read more about what's included in your service and how they are priced here.
  • Do I have to provide a key/alarm code?
    For small commercial cleans: We require a key or alarm code at the time of booking as we complete these cleans before or after business hours. All keys are cross referenced, secured at our office and collected at the end of each shift. For residential: If you will not be home during the time of your service, Clean Slate require a copy of your key to be kept on file or an alarm code to be provided at the time of booking. For your security, we cross-reference and collect all keys from all employees at the end of each shift and secure them in our office. If you prefer, you can provide a "do not duplicate" key. If you have an alarm system, please disable it prior to your service or provide the code at the time of booking. Many of our clients create a custom code just for Clean Slate specialists so we are able to enter your home safetly, perform your service, and enable your alarm system again before leaving. For your security, only management and pre-screened team leaders will ever have access to your code. Please note that we do charge a $50 lock-out fee if our specialists are not able to enter due to failure to disable alarm/no one home.
  • What if something breaks or is stolen?
    Clean Slate carries a liability insurance policy and bond and assumes responsibility for any damage done in the process of cleaning or organizing services, so client property is always protected.
  • Do I have to lock up pets at the time of cleaning? (residential)
    Most of the time, no. But please inform your Clean Slate consultant of your pet type/breed/size and any considerations he/she may need at the time of booking. If your pet is intimidating, you may need to make arrangements to secure him/her before your cleaning specialists arrive. Also, be sure to let us know if your pet is quick to escape if a door is left open.
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