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Our Services
  • Party & Event Clean Up
    2 hr
  • Quick spruce and tidy in 3 high traffic areas
    1 hr 30 min
  • Fastest Most Affordable Option
    2 hr
    Price Varies
  • 3 hr
    Price Varies
  • Deep Clean
    6 hr
    Price varies
  • Vacation Rental Clean
    3 hr
    Price Varies
  • 6 hr
    Price Varies
  • 6 hr
    Price Varies
  • 6 hr
    Price Varies
  • 2 hr
    $75/per hour
  • 2 hr
    $75/per hour



Pricing for residential cleaning services is a custom flat rate price based on the square footage of your home, the type of clean you request (i,e., spot clean, basic clean, or deep clean), the condition of the space, and any additional `a la carte services. Final prices will be given at the time of consultation but you can also contact us for an estimate here.



Kitchen/Bathroom Sanitized

Light Dusting


Trash Removal

Wipe Down Surface Areas

Spot Check Walls


Making Beds

Straightening & Tidying

Dish Put Away (dishwasher)

Essential Oil Scent of Choice

Mint On Pillow

(all services from spot clean plus:)

Baseboards & Crown Moldings

Moping Floors

Hardwood Floor Clean

Air Purifying

Scrub Bathtub

Dust Ceiling Fans/Lighting Fixtures

Dust Shelves/Corner Areas

Wipe Down Walls


(all services from spot/basic plus:)

Indoor windows

Scrub down of surfaces

Vacuum Couch Cushions

Bathroom Tile Build-up Removal

Allergen Removal

Upholstery Clean

Deep Clean of Crown Moldings/Baseboards

Scrub Bathroom Fixtures

De-grease Stove Top/Hood

Air Purification Machine


`A La Carte $30 Extra/Per Service

(can be added to any service)

Wash Dishes (by hand or dishwasher)




Lawn Furniture Cleaning

Patio/Deck Sweeping

**For deep cleans, Clean Slate also uses an air purification machine that is taken to your home and remains on for the duration of your session, giving an extra clean, allergen-free experience when you walk in the door.


Pricing for residential organization services are generally $75/hour for a minimum of two hours. Clients can choose from one of our organization services (i.e, closet clean out) or combine the organization of several areas in the home (i.e, pantry and home office) as long as it meets the two hour requirement.

Our Signature Products


Our signature products are handmade with a mix of 100% pure essential oils that come in many light, fragrant scents including citrus, lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, sandalwood, rosewater, and more. Unlike typical store bought chemical cleaners, these solutions offer therapeutic and health benefits that are: 

1.) Safe for kids to touch/use/inhale in large amounts

2.) Safe for pregnant mothers (no need to change cleaners)

3.) Safe for pets in your home

4.) Free of toxic residue (no need to rinse off kitchen counter surfaces before food prep)

5.) Easier breathing for people with asthma, respiratory issues, or allergies

6.) Non-toxic, air purifying, and eliminates indoor pollution or build up

7.) Excellent sources of aromatherapy and stress-relief after a busy day

8.) Antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-virus, and air-disinfecting that will sterilize your home as well as traditional cleaners.

9.) Are environmentally friendly and eco-conscious

10.) Vegan and cruelty-free

Each of our signature cleaning products also:


-Help with anxiety

-Promote Relaxation

-Boost focus






-Instills deep tranquility

-Instill serenity and calm



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